Todays world pushes both men and women to work, but what if your real job is at home with your kids? #kids #mom #SAHM #WAHM #stayathomemom #workathomemom #childbehavior #thefuture
Your children's futures may rely upon you becoming a stay at home mom. #stayathomemom #workfromhome #kids #children #babies #moms #parents #workeconomy #regression

 Why You Should Consider Becoming A Stay At Home Mom

If you’re here it’s because deep down you’ve been longing to become a stay at home mom. Nothing makes me happier than seeing that because becoming a stay at home mom is super important for both the emotional development and safety of your child.

How Being A SAHM Effects Child Development

Today we are seeing horrible devastations across the world regarding children and young adults. School shootings are on the rise along with bomb threats and stabbings. We are also seeing more suicides and bullying. Even in Elementary schools as shocking as that is. With these growing numbers of children turning to such terrible extremes we have to begin asking ourselves, “What is really causing this?”

These children are obviously struggling with their emotions and seeking retribution and attention in the worst ways possible. This is what children do, they lash out when they feel wronged or they do something bad in order to get attention. Unfortunately, in some of these cases, the damage is irreparable.

Moms Aren’t Home Anymore

So, with these events becoming more numerous in recent times that’s what we need to look at. What big change has happened in recent times. Well, honestly there have been a few life-altering changes in the past couple decades and we will cover some of those at a later time but for right now we are going to focus on one change in particular. That change is women joining the workforce.

Now please, before I get a ton of mommas feeling I am judging them understand that I am also a working momma. (I found a loop-hole to do both things simultaneously). I understand there are mouths to feed and money demands that need to be met. I am not judging anyone or trying to put any mom down. Please just hear me out. These are my observations

All You Need Is Love

Think about when you were young. Who was always there? Who could you always count on and talk to about anything in the whole world no matter how big or small? Any time of day or night it didn’t matter they were right there genuinely caring and listening. Doing their best to help you solve whatever dilemma presented itself. I’ll bet you at least 85% of us just thought of our moms.

(Most) moms were always there. The one person we knew we could count on always. She had our back, she loved us wholeheartedly and she understood. That was pretty much her only role in life. To stay at home and care for her babies. (Okay, she did keep the house clean and do her best to make delicious food and other homemaking responsibilities. Moms are awesome like that.)

The thing is this role for moms has changed big time. Not that we care any less or try any less but we’re just not able to give parenting the 100% we used to be able to. In modern day society, we HAVE to work. There’s almost no way around it.  Together we have created a rabbit hole for humanity and don’t get me wrong, I love being able to work, but this new demand has forgotten about what is most important. The molding of our fragile kids, the future generations.

Change Isn’t Always For The Better

We are at work all day often putting our kids in the hands of people who don’t love them or care for them the way we do. We get home from a long day at work and cook and clean… We’re exhausted. So, where is there suppose to be time to really devote to our kids. Who do they talk to about their stirring emotions? Who gave them their much-needed attention? What advice where they given? Were they shrugged off? Does anyone take the time to really address their emotions during the day? These are the things we may not realize is going on on a daily basis.

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Children are closing themselves off. Holding their emotions inside until they boil over. Some are seeking comfort in the wrong places and sometimes causing others pain because its what they may be feeling. Some kids turn to drugs and so on. No matter what they are doing it isn’t what they should be doing and that’s coming to you every time. All the time. Any time of day.

How Do You Really Know Your Kids Are Safe?

Children committing terrible acts aren’t the only tragedies we’re seeing on the rise. On just about a daily basis there are reports of the terrible things happening to children when they are left in someone else’s care. Whether that be daycare or a “trusted” friend or family member. These tragedies range anywhere from abuse, physical, sexual, and mental to the ultimate tragedy, children being murdered.

A Recent Case Where I Live

For instance, where I live this daycare center just came to light a few months ago. This woman was running the daycare center out of her home. She was responsible for somewhere in the ballpark of 7 kids. Mostly toddlers. The kind of situation you wouldn’t really suspect because so many other parents are trusting her.

Come to find out she was drugging the kids with cough syrup to get them to sleep, putting them in cribs with blocked off tops and leaving the house! She was going tanning when the police finally busted her due to an ex-roommate reporting her discrepancies. It just goes to show the kind of junk some of the people you trust will pull.

No Matter What Way You Look At It

Even if they are tenderhearted and they care they aren’t you. They may not pay as much attention as you would. You carried them. You felt their kicks and flutters from the inside. You suffered an insane amount of pain to bear them into this world. You heard their first breath, felt their first touches and gave them love and life. Who else could feel the attachment and tenderness for your babies and know your babies like you do? (Other than daddy)

Doesn’t it only make sense that you should be the one caring for them? You know you will be watching your baby with a close eye and you know your own restrictions and allowances and so will they. They will have the stability that they need and be able to build confidence in themselves knowing what’s right and wrong and whether what they’re feeling is okay or not.

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Overall Actions To Take

So, all of this comes back to the money problem. Well, there are actually a ton of legitimate stay at home jobs today that you should be taking advantage of. Stay tuned and subscribe. I will be making a list of stay at home jobs next week for you ladies!

There is another option we could pursue. I’m not the political type but I am a part of a few different petition groups and they really work for taking legal action and getting noticed! If one of you ladies has a little know-how in politics perhaps we could get some petitions going for the government to begin giving mothers the allowance to become stay at home moms. We are raising the futures of our countries after all. I would gladly be the first to sign such a petition. We need to make these kinds of changes.

Now you have my side of the story. Please really think it over and if you feel the same way share this with your friends and family members. Be a part of the change for our kids, Have a great day!


    The future is counting on us. Perhaps, you should seriously consider the benefits becoming a stay at home mom has to offer us and our children. #mom #moms #children #SAHM #WAHM #stayathomemom #workfromhome #childrensdevelopment #future #childbehavior


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  1. I have been blessed to be a stay at home Mama to both my children…. one is grown and at college now but staying home with them has been such a blessing….

  2. I am proudly a stay at home mom and I love every minute of it. Okay, maybe not every minute of it, lol, but it’s very rewarding and I love watching these little goobers grow up! Thank you so much for sharing!

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