The allure

At one point or another, who hasn’t wanted new piercings? They can be so enticing. Sparkly gems, heart shaped gems, bright colors… Jewelry that dangles with belts to emphasize curves. Even plain shiny metal has its own appeal. It all can make you feel sexy, confident, and brave!

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It can be beneficial

Some piercings show off your personality by completing your style. That’s a badass, rockstar outfit, topped with a spike lip ring. Or maybe, you’re like Sandy from Grease. Sending sassy, “ Can’t touch this.” vibes, with those new hoop earrings, red lipstick, and black leather. Perhaps you like to keep it more subtle with a spot of sparkle on your nose. There’s so much diversity nowadays when it comes to piercings and that’s great! It gives us an opportunity to add a little fine tuning to our looks and make that personality shine through a bit more.

Sometimes getting that new piercing is all you needed to boost your confidence. For instance, nipple piercings can fix nipple inversion, which can be quite embarrassing for some people who struggle with their confidence when wearing their birthday suit. Or maybe that new Monroe draws attention down to your pouty, luscious lips. 

Piercings are becoming more and more accepted in life today even some jobs have become more open about letting people express themselves with their jewelry. There’s even modeling jobs that accept piercings and you will see models in famous magazines with piercings and tattoos. People, in general, are beginning to accept it more and more often. Even us moms can get away with it now. 😉

Maybe you will love your new piercing but do your research first. Go to a professional and check around to see who does the best job. It’s worth it to pay the extra dollars. If it’s not done right, it can lower your confidence, put you in a lot of pain or worse. (Another thing to consider is if you intend to become a mom one day there are times when you can’t keep your piercings and it will leave behind a scar.)

First pain

“ You’re tough, you can handle it. ” This may be what you’re telling yourself, as you approach the bench. (The bench you get pierced on, not the court bench…) Nerves slightly shaken,  you watch the piercer gather everything to do the deed. Disinfectant, cute jewelry, a large needle… Now you’re really feeling the adrenaline!

They wash up, (Hopefully before they gather everything.) and draw the spot. If you like the placement, they disinfect you, and with nothing else left to do… Bam! Big pinch, and it’s done. At least we all hope it’s that fast and easy, but many times, it is.

That wasn’t so bad, was it? ( Really that depends on what you’re getting pierced.) When you leave the shop you will probably still be in shock from all the adrenaline. Best not to drive right away, but it’s more fun if you bring a friend anyway, let them drive. Then you can check out your new sparkly on the way home.

Most piercers will send you off with instructions and a small care package to get you started with what you need to prevent infection and encourage healing.

Take care of your piercings

Follow the directions they gave you. They know what they’re talking about and you will pay for it if you don’t. Trust me infections are nasty business. The area often becomes red, and it will itch, and burn, and throb, and ooze nasty pus and blood. It will swell up around your piercing making it that much harder to fix the problem. Not to mention the pain… Did I mention pain?

Wait to change your jewelry until the given time, you are given. If you try to change it out too soon, the hole may be swollen and then guess what, you can’t get a new ring in, and everything was for nothing. Or you get it in, but it gets infected.

It’s a new addition to your body, you’re not used to it and sometimes it’s easy to forget you have it. When this happens you may bump it or accidentally catch it on something and it hurts like the dickens! Especially watch out for towels, they will get you at some point.

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I’ve been very lucky not to have my belly button piercing ripped completely out on two different occasions. It tore slightly both times and when my bar was pushed forward you could see the scars. I say was, because I gave up my piercing up to pregnancy, (If you get pregnant, and you have a belly piercing of course, take it out. Even with the rubber stretchy rings it can scar your body horrendously. Better to just give it up.) but miraculously, after I had my child it still fit! But I have not worn it due to baby kicking it and the fear of it ripping again.

You may have moments of regret

A lot of times, the holes won’t heal up all the way. You will always have either a hole or an indentation where it was. This is something to seriously consider if you are going to pierce your face. I know many people that with age, have removed their piercings and the mark still remains even several years later. The nipple piercings I had still have holes too and it is very noticeable.

Even after you take out your piercing months and months later, the hole can still get infected. I had to take out my nipple rings due to pregnancy and after I had my baby months into breastfeeding one of my holes got bacteria inside and became infected. It was excruciatingly painful to the point I stopped breastfeeding for a couple weeks. I started losing milk supply, my daughter wasn’t getting enough milk and it was unsightly. (A mother’s nightmare) I finally went to the doctor and they told me I had to just feed her from it anyway, which made it go away within days but it was still a total pain! I still have to be careful with it because it gets sore sometimes and tries to flare up.

When you get the piercing in the first place it can also be a huge pain. I got my tongue pierced and it took several weeks to heal, my tongue was swollen up huge! I could hardly talk which affected my presentation at work, but the worst part was hardly being able to eat anything. And I really mean that. It was painful when the food hit it, and you don’t really realize how often your tongue rubs other things like your teeth or the roof of your mouth. Eating became a strenuous chore, and before it fully healed I felt like I was starving to death.

Like I had just mentioned, not being used to a new piercing, at first I bit down on the ball of my tongue ring a lot when eating food the first year. Luckily I haven’t broken any teeth but it’s possible. This also is a possibility when playing with your ring. You can bring the bottom up to the roof of your mouth. It will release and slingshot forward right into your front teeth, very hard!

I had a friend who wore the plastic balls on the end. They break often, and his did when he was sleeping and he swallowed the bar. He assumes he pooped it out, but this can be dangerous.

It will now forever be something you have to pay special attention too. Ripping prevention, infection, losing your ring, buying the correct jewelry. (Nickle-free etc.) Just make sure you’re dedicated before you make the leap.

Timing is everything

When I had my rash decision to pierce my nipples, it was in the middle of summer. I didn’t think about all the swimming everyone was going to be doing and missed out on a lot of great times. You can’t swim or hot tub with new external piercings, so you may want to plan around the fun. Or if a bbq is coming up and you want to eat. Think about if there are any upcoming events that your new piercing may prevent you from doing.

If you’re the rowdy type and like mosh pits. Have bands to see… I watched someone get their gauged ear ripped out at a concert. Just a little fyi.

And of course if you are going to potentially become pregnant not long after getting a piercing, an infection can be dangerous or you may have wound up, like me, getting the piercing for no reason. For me I totally wasn’t expecting to get pregnant, it was completely out of the blue and I could have avoided a lot of complications had I just waited for a little while.

The importance of professionals

Remember when I said go to a professional? Well not only will it be sanitary when you get the piercing, but they’ll have the directions and care package.They will also have the correct jewelry. Sure you can buy cheap $5 or $10 jewelry off the internet, but it ups your chances of getting that nasty infection we just talked about. Or it can give you an allergic reaction. A decent amount of people are allergic to things in cheap jewelry such as nickel.

Another great thing about a professional, your piercing probably won’t come out crooked. This is another thing that can cause a lot of pain, and extend healing time, that is if you even want to keep it.

I was one of the impatient people, I wanted a piercing so bad and couldn’t wait. I got my nipples pierced at the fair by a “ certified professional “ for a really cheap price. And that’s what I got, a cheap piercing. One of my nipple piercings was crooked. It never healed right, it always hurt worse, was prone to infection… and seriously it was crooked I mean what the hell! Of all my piercings, getting my nipples pierced was extremely painful, so it’s a one time deal. If it didn’t work out not going to heal it then go get it pierced again.

In conclusion

Piercings are fun and great. Personally, I love them, I’ve had to give up some of my piercings, due to motherhood, but would still have them if the miracle of becoming a mother had not been blessed upon me. Just be sure you do it the right way and avoid the problems I had to face, (You will thank me in the long run.) Some piercings are painful, but once they’re healed you will most likely not have any pain problems. And there are so many different choices of cute jewelry to wear! Enjoy your piercings, enjoy your body and enjoy being you.


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