1 Year Blogging Anniversary

This was the month of my 1 year blogging anniversary and while it was exciting it also meant it was time for my renewals. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had been waiting for this moment all year! It was finally time to switch hosting companies and I couldn’t be happier that I did. But it also meant that it was time for me to do my domain renewal and transfer which, taught me a new and valuable lesson that I would like to share with you.

Domains And Website Hosting Are Separate

So, I just want to clarify on this subject for starters. Your Domain (name) is actually separate from your website. You can purchase a new Domain name and slap that puppy onto your website anytime you wish although, you might not want to because it does go hand in hand with your website. They complete each other and you combine the two for your brand and it’s how people recognize one or the other. Like when you think LittleMsDoItAll you think of this website. Your website and domain are like the product of a lush plant that was made from two plants that have intertwined. Only you still have to buy them separately. Most, if not all, hosting services let you purchase your Domain from them though, and that I believe is where most of the confusion may come from (if there was any in the first place). You have to renew them both when the time comes but you might want to take care your domain renewal and transfer at least 17 days before your Domain expires and here’s why;

If You Want To Switch Hosts, You should know about this!

Hostgator, my previous hosting company, tried to renew my website 16 days early. At first, I was pretty frustrated like,”Ah, the nerve of this company!” Haha. It was over two weeks before my expiration date and thankfully I didn’t have the money in that bank account yet because I would have been stuck with them for another year! But when I tried to do my hosting switch I learned just why they did that. If you are going to switch hosting companies and have purchased your Domain through your host, you should complete the domain transfer 18 days before your expiration date! The reason behind this is that Domains require anywhere from 14 days to 16 days before Domain expiration to do a Domain transfer. Read Also: Why I switched from Hostgator to Siteground or Starting A Blog For Beginners When you transfer your website your Domain has to be transferred separately. If you don’t make that 16-day deadline you will have to pay roughly $15 dollars to renew through whoever your Domain is already purchased with before they will allow you to transfer. That isn’t all though because if you are late you will have to pay this renewal, plus you would have to pay the approximately $15 charge from the new host for your Domain. Its a big waste of money. I give it the extra 2 days because your Domain is most likely locked also. When you unlock it, it can take 24hrs to acknowledge the unlock. It won’t allow you to transfer during that time period.

I Was Late

I was only a couple days under the 16 day grace period and I had to purchase my renewal through Hostgator. (ERGH!) I had thought I would then be able to transfer it for free but I couldn’t. My only option would be to repurchase it through Siteground for $16 which is just a waste. Having already paid for another year there’s just no sense in paying twice. So, I took the inconvenient route and am going to manage my Domain through a separate host this year. Really, it doesn’t matter much but I wanted to be free from Hostgator’s clutches. Now they still have me for another year. Besides that I like all my stuff tucked into one nice cozy bed where I can find it. At least my mistake provided me with the opportunity to prevent you from living the same fate. That’s enough to make it all worthwhile for me. Happy Blogging to you!


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  1. Finally! It’s so helpful for beginner bloggers. When I started my blog, I had no idea about this things and I remember I was sourching for hours every day on the internet for some info.

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