My Ipsy March Glam Bag

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As a mom, I never really do things for myself and I was in need of a little self-care. When an ad for Ipsy’s Glam bag came up I was enticed by it. I entered all of my information… then mom logic kicked in and I backed out.

After a few days, I kept receiving newsletters from Ipsy. I read them all and each letter had a great offer but one really caught my attention. I had an offer to skip the waitlist! I had actually been following their Glam bag offers and reviews on and off for some time and knew about that waitlist. It’s part of the reason I always put it off.  This was a pretty great opportunity and I caved in and took advantage of it.

What Is Ipsy Glam Bag?

I should start by telling you what the heck an Ipsy Glam Bag even is! Once a month Ipsy (A company that sells beauty products manufactured by many different great beauty brands.) creates a somewhat personalized Glam Bag. You pay a monthly subscription of $10 and receive 5 sample products. Before the word sample puts you off too much I want you to know these are pretty decent sized samples! These products also come in their newly designed Glam Makeup Bags!

You have the option to preview what you will be receiving but there is a very small catch, you have to share it to one of your social media sites. If you don’t want to share it you can just wait for your surprise to show up approximately between the 11th-16th of every month.

You also have the option to do a review of each product on the Ipsy website. This helps other people make decisions about their beauty product purchases and also helps your personal bag worker to put together a bag more to your liking each month.

It’s as easy as that and you can try out some really great (sometimes expensive) products! They also give you deals if you decide you want to purchase the full-size product!

Notice: Any product purchased from Ipsy (besides the Glam Bag) is $6 shipping on any purchase less than $20. Anything more than $20 is free shipping.

What I Got In My March Glam Bag

March’s Specialized Glam Bag– This was the first time they decided to send out a bag that you can color yourself. It came with two markers. I love creativity and art so I was pretty excited but I only colored one side and decidedly liked the plain side better.

Tarte Cosmetics Sex Kitten Eyeliner- I received this one in black which, is what I normally wear anyway. I’ve actually been really wanting some pencil eyeliner! I hadn’t bought any in a long time and was wanting to get back in the game so I was pretty excited.

How was it?- I really like it! I was disappointed when I saw how small it was but I have already used it about 5 times and have at least that many more uses I can get out of it. It goes on nice and dark and has pretty good precision. I will admit though, it’s not as smooth as I thought it would be. It does catch on my skin a little making it difficult to get that clear line so you have to take your time to get the look you want. The thing I liked about it most is that it stayed all day! Its waterproof and never seeped or smudged. It looks great all evening and even washed off well with a little soap in the shower. I was pretty impressed with this product but wish it went on a little smoother.

How much is it?- ($20) Oddly enough, I don’t think you can buy this one on the Ipsy site. If you want the full-sized product you can use my affiliate link (Disclaimer link at bottom of the page.) No additional charges to you!) here: Tarte Cosmetics Sex Kitten Pencil

Eyetini Eyeshadow In Firestarter: This is a great sample size as you can see. It’s pretty close to or may even be a full-size eyeshadow. It is a little hard to see the true color of this product in the photos but you can see it much better at the bottom of the post when I am wearing it. This product is cruelty-free, vegan, and paraben-free.

How was it?- I really like it! I feel it has pretty strong pigmentation and lasts all day no problems. It didn’t seep into my creases which is a common problem I have with eyeshadows. Beautiful color although, I don’t feel like I’m going to use it very often because it is an almost reddish color and brings out red in your eyes or face. I do have an outfit it looks pretty good with though. I’m going to go ahead and say that other than I would have appreciated a different color more… that I don’t feel there is anything to complain about with this product. It’s pretty good quality.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission upon any purchases made at no additional cost to you.

How much is it?- ($13) Unfortunately for me, I don’t have an affiliate link for this but I did look up the website so you don’t have to do any hard work. 😉 You can purchase this item from Eyetini themselves with the link provided.

Dirty Little Secrets Cosmetics Baked Highlighter: Ipsy chooses the color to give you and they had 3 colors they were choosing from. Prosecco (a mauve) Bellini (light pink as shown below) or Soda Pop (bronze) This is a cruelty-free product.

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How was it?- I’ll be completely honest with you, this is my first time using a highlighter but I was really excited to hop on the bandwagon. Being new to it made it a strange experience though! At first, I was kinda like what the heck is this stuff… People are always saying the more highlighter the merrier and I’m sure you’ve seen the memes about how intense the glow can be and it is pretty intense to behold at first! I’ve never been so shiny in my life!

I was given Bellini and I’m sure if I would have got either of the other two colors I would have been a lot happier. It’s not that I don’t like it but Highlighter is kind of meant to go all over your face and putting pink all over your face is a little off-setting. I put it on in all the right places and didn’t like it but then I wiped a little off and I started to convert to the highlighter crew a little bit.

It does make you look much more fancy and pretty. This particular shade kind of has an opalescent quality to it and looks a little blue/green/pink/purple in the different lighting and of course that bright white shine too. It’s fun to mess with and I’m going to have to wear this on a few more occasions before I can totally make my mind up about it. I’m going to have to try some different colors and I already know I would prefer something more natural.

How much is it?- You actually can buy this one on Ipsy and if you’re a Glam Bag member you can currently get 20% cashback at the checkout. The money goes to your Ipsy account to be spent on Ipsy. So, it is originally $14 on sale for $11.20 and you would get $2.24 cash back in-store making this product only $8.96!  (They also have a current promotion going and you can get $5 off any product if you buy their Glam Bag.) You can use this link here: DLS Baked Highlighter

SLMissGlam Blusher Brush: This is the SL41 Blusher brush. It has a pink glittery handle. The hairs are pink with a fuschia/purple dipped look.

How was it?- I should just start with the very first reaction I had. Immediately, upon opening the package this was in, it had a very strong nail polish smell. I’m talking like wooey! Open in a well-ventilated area. It is just the handle that is causing the smell and who knows? Maybe they did use nail polish to decorate it. The smell does go away after a couple days though. I can’t even smell it now. As for how the brush is… its nice and soft and it’s medium/small size is perfect for highlighting application. I do like this brush. Not to mention it says MissGlam on it all pretty like and me being MissJess I just kind of like that. ♥

How much is it?- Oh my! I didn’t realize what I was dealing with here and now I really feel like I have a little something special. I don’t think you can buy this particular brush but they do have MissGlam brush kits on Ipsy and they are a little costly but oh so cute! (I’m talking original prices are anywhere from $80-$325. The deals they are cutting are rather large too.) I don’t think it’s possible not to feel like a pretty princess using those babies. It’s not an affiliate link which is really too bad for me but they have great sales and 20% cash back and I would rather you guys save some money than help me make money. Crazy. Yes, I know but here it is.

Glossier Balm Dotcom In Original, Rose, Mint Or Coconut: I received Coconut.

How Was It?- I am head over heels in love. I’m not even kidding you. I have been struggling with chapped lips for probably like a year. No matter how much water I chug and how much chapstick from various brands I have used I haven’t been able to get it to go away until I got this and it only took 1 day! Not only does it work amazingly and make my lips crazy silky smooth the scent is incredible! This may sound far-fetched… but I think they even make my lips bigger. I’m thinking I might marry this product and use it forever.

How much is it?- ($12) This one isn’t on Ipsy but I have a link. They also have it in Birthday and Cherry. The Worn Results- 

I will be doing a review of Aprils Glam Bag real soon. I’m getting some pretty exciting stuff (butterfly themed bag) so make sure you subscribe to my newsletters down below! Hope to see you soon.

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