The Weight Of A Parents Decision

Knowing the devastation baby vaccinations have caused some families is both sad and terrifying. Likewise, not getting them has caused equal devastations. Parents have to make those life-altering decisions though. Almost immediately upon giving birth, you get backed into the decision corner. Reluctantly, I chose vaccinations and that decision has been followed by some heart-wrenching moments.

MMR, Chickenpox, and Hepatitis A

My daughter has had all of her shots besides flu since birth and other than some low-grade fevers and a little yucky feeling, she has been totally fine. The DTap and MMR are different from the other baby vaccines though. They have stronger reactions and are more susceptible to side-effects.. In this post, I won’t be covering DTap only MMR.

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To begin with, my daughter was quite sick with a cold on her 1st birthday. We didn’t even throw a party because we didn’t want her getting more sick or for any other children to catch it. She had her 12-month checkup the next day. During the appointment, I was informed that it was time for more immunizations but we decided to postpone her shots for another week to allow her to recover first.

So, right after my baby girl finally feels better we had to haul her into the doctor’s office for her 12-month shots.  These immunizations include MMR, (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) Chickenpox, AND Hepititus A. Luckily this is only 3 actual shots and not 6! One of them, I don’t recall which one, has to go down into the muscle. They stuck that thing about an inch to an inch and a half in her tiny leg!  It’s awful but my baby girl took it like a champ. Yes, she cried but not for long. Poor girl.

It Can Take Days To Show The Effects

The first 4 days are as okay as you would expect considering her condition. She had a sore leg, a couple low-grade fevers, was getting 3 teeth in, and had a slight ear infection in each ear! But she has a heart of gold and still managed to smile and play. Bless her heart.

Despite her hardiness, after day 4 everything started going to h.e double hockey sticks. She had the biggest screaming/crying fit I have ever seen her do… ever! Her father and I hardly even knew what to do with her and I’m not going to lie, things were frantic for a few minutes. We did eventually get her calmed down but she flat out felt like poo.

During the daytimes that followed her condition was more mild with a fairly high fever and more naps than usual. She was pretty grumpy. (I couldn’t blame her one bit.) We were getting through it though, with a lot of love, cuddles, and some medicine.

Why Is Nightime Always The Worst?

When it came to nighttime my baby girl was so freaking hot to the touch! I love warmth normally but I could hardly touch her. We checked her temperature and could only get it to 101 but she felt much hotter to the touch. I spent the rest of the night up with her because she was tossing and turning and crying, hot and miserable.

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The next couple nights escalated to a worse condition than the nights previous. We had talked to the doctors and they just said to keep cool rags on her forehead, give her medicine with fever reducer, and to watch her fever that it doesn’t go above 103. In other words, everything we were already doing.

When the third night came I had hardly slept for two days and had a very sick and pained daughter. I was emotionally drained and terrified that something really bad is happening to her. That night her fever was soo bad! I got seriously scared. They told me to use a warm rag but I used a somewhat cold one all night long. I could feel the heat radiating off of her the second I would pull the rag off to rotate it.

I stayed up all night doing this. Making sure her head stayed cool and picking her up giving her milk when it’s too much for her to handle. Thankfully, this was the last night she had a fever like that. Early in the morning, her fever broke and this time it broke for good.

Diagnosis The Next Day

The next day she had a rash covering her tummy and over the next few days, it covered her whole body. We called the doctors again and did a little research on top of that and discover she caught a mild case of the measles from the live MMR vaccine. Despite the rash, she was all better though. No fevers, no itching, no aches. She was my happy, sweet little girl again.

Why I wanted You To Hear This Story

What I wanted you to learn from this is that many of us get scared of our children being vaccinated. There are so many terrifying stories out there and while I’m sure they are true, they are fairly rare. Bad side effects don’t happen to most children and when they do they are mild in most cases.

I’m not telling you to not be concerned (as if that’s possible anyway) but that there is information out there to alert you to the warning signs that your child could be allergic to the baby vaccines and if you have fears you should do some research and talk to your pediatrician. If you are really not comfortable there are tests to ensure your child’s compatibility with vaccinations.

I can’t even tell you how scared I was but looking back now I’m glad that she had her baby vaccinations because that was only a mild case. If she hadn’t been vaccinated and was to get the actual disease it would have been so much worse! What they are preventing is usually much worse. Doctors are not out to get us, they are there to help us and believe it or not we have much less illness and death now than we did before immunizations came to be.

I won’t act like they don’t still scare me and it’s natural to have a little fear but diseases are very scary. Children used to perish quite often from diseases and baby vaccinations have squashed most of those dangers. The more people that don’t vaccinate the easier it will be for these diseases to not only come back and spread but to get stronger and even be able to affect the already vaccinated.

The MMR is a tough shot and you can postpone it for a while if you choose. Don’t be afraid to do your research. But do take a little bit of a load off yourself because your kids will have some immunity from horrible diseases. I hope this helps give you a little comfort during scary times. Have a great day, mommies!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. I’m glad to hear she only had a mild case of the measles, she was one of the lucky ones. Still don’t trust vaccinations, too many stories of babies being vaccine damaged.

  2. Great article. I am in the healthcare field and a mother of an infant so I know how confusing all the vaccine stuff can be. I totally agree research should be done to have information about what to look for so parents know what to expect.

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