Technology vs Humanity. How does technology effect our human interaction with each other and our children?

Making Time For Humanity

Okay, so I think it’s time to point out the elephant in the room. Ironic because I’m talking about what you’re doing right at this moment and what I rely upon for a living.

That big elephant is electronics and technology. We have learned how to use technology in our everyday lives, now how do we learn to put them down?

Nowadays everything is just a click away. The news, our friends, movies, music, and endless other possibilities for entertainment.

You get on your phone, just to check your messages and end up spending 2 hours on facebook! (Come on now… I know it’s not just me) Then we spend another hour checking our emails yada yada… That leads you to an interesting article on Pinterest and WOW! Pinterest is so cool! How come no one told me about this?! So, you spend the next 3 hours on there checking out every “Do it yourself” project thought to man.

Where Did the Time Go?

Next thing you know you just spent 6 hours of your day virtually doing nothing. No joke. It just flew right by. Sure, it was pretty entertaining and maybe you got some cool ideas for that garden you’ve always wanted but how likely is it that you’re actually going to end up building it rather than getting on your phone again. (Geeze, that was a mouthful of a sentence!)

This is only a small part of the problem, in some ways technology has given us the opportunities to do and learn things like never before and it’s amazing! It truly is… but when do you put it down and learn how to do things with your hands? When do you invite friends over for a bbq and instead of everyone standing around on their phones,( long draw on phones) everyone plays horseshoes, and badminton? Haha, yeah, remember that ancient stuff. Sports.

See Badminton For Kids Here.

Taking back our humanity photo

Remembering What Really Matters

When did you last participate in teaching the children some kind of sport? Real, genuine, family time together. Many of us have become guilty of not paying enough attention to our children. (I’m shyly raising my hand here.) We leave it to technology to take care of them. Plop them down in front of a movie because we just have to check our Facebook for the upteenth time today because OMG, have you seen Becky’s butt? (She’s been working out.) And then kiddo is vying for attention and we get mad… but for what? So we can keep up to date on some mindless posts?

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I’m saying this because I had begun to fall into this slope and I’ve been seeing it more and more often. People with their face buried in their phones ignoring our beautiful children and even sometimes becoming angry with them because they want our attention.

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Balancing Our Attention

Our children need us, these are precious moments we can’t get back. Yes, you need time too and it’s not wrong to spend time doing something you like… So schedule out a time limit of the day for yourself, but be sure to spend the rest of the day doing what matters.

Read a book with your kid, and yes an actual paper, flip the page’s type of a book. Show them how to knit or throw a ball. Create a garden. Do things that at the end of the day you can look at and be proud.

Not only is time with our children fleeting, but our parents, siblings, and spouses need our love and attention also. Even Lassie, giving you her dear sweet puppy dog look.  Not a text but us literally looking them in the eyes and participating in a real conversation. Hugs, kisses, laughter and all that smoochy shmoo.

  father and daughter on a beach hugs. taking back our humanity

Love is all you need

Stop wasting time on fleeting moments of entertainment. Once again, I’m not saying it’s wrong to take a little time to play sometimes. Please do,  just don’t get lost in it is all.

Spend time with your family that’s in front of you. Turn off all phones, TVs, etc and learn together. Teach together and get to really know one another. And please do not get frustrated and treat any living being with less respect over an electronic. There is nothing more important than the living soul! You never know which day could be someone’s last.

We are beginning to lose our humanity and it’s about time we get it back! Be nice to each other, love each other and spend time with your family. Love you guys, I hope you’re enjoying life to the fullest!

      Technology is advancing mankinds capabilities at a rapid rate, but at what cost? #kids #mom #dad #technology #relationships #childdevelopment


23 Comments on Technologies Effect on Humanity

  1. I think some kids even don’t know that there are people without phones. Your baby can do the first step and you can miss that only because you are glued to your phone

    • Right! They have tablets in elementary school now… which I’m not really saying anything bad I understand the ups and downs of it, and the ups and downs to young children even having phones. That is as long as they have strong child locks, adult supervision and plenty of time learning/being exposed to other things in life. Important for adults as well.

  2. SO so true. I know I’m guilty of this myself and working on not being so glued to my phone because I don’t want my son growing up seeing me with my face in it all the time.

    • I know what you mean. Haha. Monkey see monkey do. While it’s inevitable that technology will be a big part of their lives, we have to teach them now what it means to rely on ourselves. Good luck Natalie!

  3. What a rabbit hole we managed to fall into, huh? It is disgusting really – how much time we waste on these devices. I have been trying to do better, but I’m not having as much success as I would like!

    • It’s hard! The thing is… the people who have created these electronics did an amazing job! We love technology and its opened the door for more people to invent more awesome things that are so entertaining we just can’t stop. It’s funny because there were movies with advanced technology of the future in them and they depict an amazing world, which is possible… But it seems like the cartoon Wall-e could turn out to be the most accurate.

    • Thank you, Alesha. It really is. Just a moment ago I had to stop replying to these great comments to give my daughter some attention and play hand puppets. Honestly, it was amazing making her smile and laugh. Nothing better than spending time with family. E>

  4. This is a tough one especially for those of us that rely on the technology for our income. However, it is important to set boundaries not just for kids but for us was well.

    • I hear you there Summer. Like I said I struggle with it as well. I also work from home/I’m a stay at home mom. We both know it can be really hard finding the boundaries. That’s what super moms do though… we work way too hard to make up the differences and make sacrifices to give our babies what they need.

    • Yes, Barbara. It’s a shame. It’s easy to take for granted what is so readily available in our lives. I hope we can all turn around and change that.

  5. This is so true, and while I understand that it’s difficult because technology is so addicting, it’s SO important to spend quality time with our kids and to model good tech use to them!

  6. Such a great post and so true about the situation many of us find ourselves in today. As someone who loves nature, I have found it a good tactic to introduce the great outdoors to young people and they usually love getting away camping or hiking. The best part is that these times away usually force them off their phones and devices anyway because there is just not signal or reception. It kinda helps them to enjoy and appreciate the fun of being in nature all the more and you also bond better as a result.

    • Thank you, Nicole! We’re definitely on the same page here. Unplug and go outside. Lol I like how you mentioned reception… love that part!

  7. This is such a relevant post right now and I’m so guilty especially as a blogger. So much social media is necessary to promote content etc. Thanks for sharing- you’ve given me lots of food for thought!

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