Is The Genius Blogger Toolkit Really Worth All The Hype?

I don’t want to sound spammy, but yes! It is most definitely worth all the hype. The reason everyone is so omg… about The Genius Blogger Toolkit this and that is because it’s all true! I don’t want to just give you the same speal you have probably already been fed so I’m going to tell you a bit about how I started as a blogger and how The Genius Blogger Toolkit has been a life-saver for my blog and continues to do so.

My Search To Work From Home

When I had my baby, my boyfriend and I decided it would be in our daughters best interest if I became a stay at home mom. This of course came with some drawbacks such as money and my sense of responsibility. It was killing me sitting at home watching him work so hard for us to barely make it by every month. Even though that would be enough to take action in itself it was more than that to me. I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to make money, be successful, and to be able to work toward stable future for my family.

I hounded the internet for work from home jobs and I actually found a ton of legitimate remote jobs but there was a problem. Being a mother of a baby is a full-time job in itself. How was I supposed to commit to any hours working? It just wouldn’t be possible. Babies are unpredictable, loud and need almost constant attention of one sort or another. I continued searching the web looking for my perfect fit.

I found The Perfect Job

I soon came across the worldwide occupation of blogging. Work your own hours, your effort is your pay, fun, creative, you help people, you have the opportunity to become truly successful and accomplished… Where’s the downside right?! My boyfriend thought it was just another internet scam. I had to just leap into it (without his approval :/ ) But after the loads and loads of research, I  knew it was both real and that it was the perfect opportunity for me.

The trouble with starting a blog is that like any business you have to invest a little money into it. Really that’s the scariest part buying your domain name and hosting service. Making that first money leap. I did it though! I was really nervous and had knots in my stomach especially since my boyfriend had doubts in the first place but I wasn’t going to give up.

Time Is Money And I Was Wasting It

I worked my butt off. I did research until my brain literally wouldn’t work anymore. I was learning quite a bit but when you are going through all the free information out there for blogging you just get little pieces. Bloggers leave out the important bits and charge for them. Rightfully so! They had to pay for that information themselves and every blogger has to work super hard to learn and teach that information.  Working so hard for free just doesn’t make any sense at all. We try to be helpful but were not trying to waste our time. Blogging is hard work!

So, after I wasted several months (I’m talking like 7 months here!) learning little bits and pieces I knew I was going to have to really invest myself into this! There were several courses I was considering taking (I still might) but they can be very spendy. Of course, once you know that valuable information you can use it to quickly make your money back but for some of us coming up with that money in the first place just ain’t happening!

The Big Game Changer

Then came October… this is when The Genius Bloggers Toolkit comes out. Bloggers everywhere were blowing up about it. Everywhere I turned some blogger was recommending the purchase of The Genius Bloggers Toolkit! Honestly, I was a little sick of hearing about it. Haha.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission upon any purchases made at no additional cost to you.

Well, there’s only a couple days you can buy it (about the span of a week) but these bloggers finally got through to me. I caved in and bought it! Not even joking BEST INVESTMENT EVER! Right, when you get access to it you will know what I’m talking about. It has a total of 91 courses, ebooks, videos, extended trials etc. These are written/created by prosperous bloggers that have been there done that and are working full-time from home! It covers practically everything plus some. They even cover side-hustles in case making money blogging isn’t enough for you. Long story short it had everything I had been needing to run a prosperous blog.

Even now I have only covered maybe 1/4 of the content. I didn’t realize before that my blog was admittedly a pile of poop. I was going nowhere without The Genius Bloggers Toolkit. Every time I go to my bundle to start a new course I’m like a kid in a candy shop because every last thing on there is incredibly valuable information.

I’m really seeing my effort take off in the blogging world and I’m doing it while caring for my baby full-time, keeping my house clean, and even keeping up with my favorite hobbies.

How Much Is It and When Can You Buy It?

I already mentioned that its 91 various pieces of information (Ebooks, courses, videos etc.) What I didn’t mention is that these are courses you are already coming across and have most likely considered paying full price for. If you bought everything from The Genius Bloggers Toolkit separately you would pay more than $5,800! They put it all together for you for the steal of $97!!!!

If it’s so valuable why would they do that? Because doing it this way is a win-win for everyone. It sells like hot cakes! The creators make a ton of money at once by collaborating and we reap the big-time benefits. (That’s why they only make it available for a couple days a year.)

They create a new bundle every year from scratch so the bundle you buy is an exclusive package. The next year will be a different set of enlightening blogging business information. I am personally probably going to buy the package every year. There is always something new and valuable to learn for your business and to increase your income potential.

Buy It Right Now! It Will Be Gone Forever On The 16th!

So, without further ado… Yes, a million times over yes this toolkit is worth every single penny! Don’t miss out on this steal and don’t wast any more of your time. Find the financial freedom you have been longing for. Work your way up to quit that 9-5 job you hate. You will not regret this investment! The only thing you might regret is letting it slip between your fingers or waiting too long to make the leap. Your time is money! Use any of my affiliate links on this page, please. (My time is money too 😉 ) Also, be sure to share this with your friends. Maybe you can all find your dream job together!

The Genius Bloggers Toolkit is having a Flash sale and it ends May 15th. That means you only have until tomorrow to get this exclusive package!  P.S. This is the same one I bought so I know for a fact it’s EXTREMELY VALUABLE! They will be creating a totally different one next October and I have no idea what that one will contain.

To learn more about The Genius Bloggers Toolkit Click Here ⇐

As the famous quote goes… Live long and Prosper! I hope you take this opportunity to create the life you deserve.

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