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A New Season Means New Art

I absolutely love the changing of seasons, don’t you? It gives me that warm tingly sensation inside. It get’s me all inspired to do something creative, and that’s just what my daughter and I did. We used what we already have at home to create some Fall Art Decor.

P.S. This would be a perfect project to do with your kids! Its fun and all about creativity. You can’t really go wrong with leaves. Besides, you only really hang it up for the season then take it down for next year and start the next season’s art.

Also, you can glue leaves, or dip leaves in a light layer of paint to leave impressions on the paper. ♥

You Will Need:


The first thing we did is gather a couple brown paper bags. We recycle so I have tons of them lying around, figured I’d recycle some into some projects.

Once I had the bags and some scissors, I cut down one edge of the bag to the bottom. Once at the bottom I cut all around it to cut the bottom rectangle off completely, this left the bag open and ready to go as displayed.


(Yes, she was heading for those scissors. I snatched them up immediately after taking this picture before she got to them! Of course, the only dangerous thing around is the first thing she b-lines for. Mom’s on top of that though!)

Bring on the paint, baby!

The fun part… I just dove right in. I didn’t use any references so forgive my misshapen Maple leaf, lol. These look pretty nice but they were just real basic leaf shapes. I experimented a little with the shapes after I did a couple generic ones.

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I used Orange, Bright Yellow, and Apple Tart Craft Smart non-toxic acrylic paint. (I couldn’t find this brand in a pack online. I bought them on sale in singles but it will be cheaper to buy a pack. At the top of this article is a link for paint for a pack that has great reviews. Same goes for paint brushes.) For the Brown, I had wood paint I used.Any good ‘ol Brown will work though. My paintbrush I used was Artist’s Loft 3/8. I’m not well acquainted with different brush sizes and shapes… I just use what works.

As you can see I use a shoe box for my paints and brushes, (Yes, those are rocks in there too. Haha. I also enjoy painting rocks.) and I use the lid as a Palette. Hey, it works yo. I started with the Orange and came back over it with the Bright Yellow. Tha paint dries pretty quick so there was no wait time.

After I got done doing the Yellow on the left side of the painting, my daughter wanted to be a part of it too and sat in my lap. She likes to help any way she can by trying to taste the paints, ya know, make sure they’re still good. (No I didn’t let her eat them, although, she made a very valiant effort.)

Managing The Final Touches With An Infant

So, as I mentioned my daughter crawled up in my lap to help me out so I had my hands full at this point. I’m right-handed, but being persistent I chose not to give up until I was done and added all the rest with my left hand. It’s actually not too bad! I figured the sloppiness added a little artistic value to it anyway. 😉 Although, I could definitely go back and add a few touch ups and probably will.

The Final Product For Fall Art Decor

The lighting in my house doesn’t do it any justice but it looks pretty good and I achieved my mission of adding a little touch of Fall to the house. If I had the time my man and I were talking about how it would make a cool border for the house.

This is the final product of this project but my daughter and I have another project we’ve been working on. We’ll be posting it soon just haven’t yet had time to finish it.

Enjoy your Fall, It’s already almost over!

    A perfect project to make with the kids and add a little something special to the house. #DIY #Fall2017 #Kidsart #moms #kids #leaves #kidspaint #DIYhousedecorations  


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