Why Crowdtap Is Different

Hi there! My name is Jessica, and I am a stay at home/work at home mom. Being such I am always trying to find ways to make a little side money or to get freebies. I (probably just like you)  have gone through tons of survey sites trying to earn cash and I must be in that criteria that have nothing interesting to offer because I can hardly make diddly squat! But as I said that’s only MOST survey sites.

Being turned down by so many sites you would think I would just give up but I’m just too persistent for that. Which, it’s a good thing that I am because I have actually got tons of free stuff using that stubborn persistence. One of those free things I received was from Crowdtap along with $20 in Amazon gift cards.

Crowdtap is a survey site but to me, it’s a little different than other survey sites. How so? Well, I have ACTUALLY earned money for one, I don’t get rejected from filling out surveys for two, and it’s quick and enjoyable for three.

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What Exactly Is Crowdtap?

How It Works?- 

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With Crowdtap you fill out surveys that have different point rewards. These are usually very short and easy to answer. Once you have 1000 points you get a $5 gift card (usually Amazon) sent to you via email. I have accumulated over 4000 points meaning I have received 4 gift cards to Amazon. Right now I have $20 just waiting for me.

While this may not be the quickest way to earn money (It has taken me about 4-5 weeks during spare time to earn what I have.) It really does payout and I would rather spend an hour working towards something rather than mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. That’s just me though. I’m a work non-stop kinda person. But that $20 isn’t all that I’ve earned through Crowdtap so far.

Crowdtap also works with various name-brands. By filling out surveys relating to these name-brands you gain favor with said brands. You want to keep these favors up especially with brands you like. At various points in time, these brands will offer samples and you can fill out a sample request. This is how I received my first Crowdtap box containing two full-sized foundations from Almay. (Ranging from $12.97- $16.99 per bottle.) Technically I have now earned $53.98 and I’m just a hop skip away from another $5. To see my review of these Almay foundations (pics included) click here.

Is It Worth It?

Yes. I get on early in the morning or before bed at night and usually spend probably 20 minutes to fill out the surveys available and I get real rewards. Simple as that. I can trust it and you can too just make sure you abide by their rules to avoid account deletion! So, share this with your friends and get tapping!


Trying to earn a little side money? Like full-sized free products? Then you should check out crowdtap. Its not a phoney like some other survey sites and I can prove it in this Crowdtap Review. Read it to decide if its right for you. #freebies #freestuff #makemoeyfromhome #workfromhome #sidemoney #earnmoney #giftcards #freeproducts #surveysites


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  1. I have to try Crowdtap! I remember getting an invite quite some time ago and then I never pursued it further. It appears I’ve been missing out on fun stuff! 🙂

    • Yep, and after they do this website makeover on May 25th there are suppose to be many more opportunities to make money and different ways to spend it. I’m pretty excited because they already rock but more money is definitely better. 😉

    • Lol. Right! I’ll post an update on everything I bought from Amazon with my gift cards. It’s pretty sweet!

    • I know! I actually pulled together $25 in gift cards so I got free shipping and bought some pretty awesome stuff. I love Crowdtap.

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