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I became a Crowdtap member a little over a month ago and was quickly chosen for a Crowdtap box! Yes, I was extremely excited to be gifted with two full-sized foundations from Almay for free.

First Time I tried it.

The first time I tried on Almay’s Best Blend Foundation I was smack dab in the middle of making dinner. I just couldn’t wait. (Patience may not be my virtue.)  I didn’t read any directions and just jumped right into using the attached sponge to smear foundation across my face. It wasn’t cute and it wasn’t blending. Disappointed, I tried using my hands to attempt to create smooth coverage.

This product being “moisturizing for up to eight hours” is really… pretty oily feeling. My face felt and looked super wet. The first time I was all around not very happy with it. I just kinda wiped it off and gave up.

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Several Days Later…

With these reviews and two full-sized samples still hanging over my head I knew I needed to give this foundation another shot. This time I took the time to do it properly. I started by reading the application directions and discovered I did it wrong the first time. Whoops!

You need to apply the foundation by squeezing out a little and rubbing it onto your face in circles applying more as needed. I took my time rubbing these little makeup circles on my face. The shade perfectly matched my own and was definitely looking better than last time but it was still not really blending. It kind of just sat on top of my face which as you can imagine is not very attractive.

( Above shows the attached sponge.)

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 I ditched the sponge again and buffered with my fingers. It just works better. I managed to get my whole face covered but it was heavy, wet and just sitting there. This was when I decided to try giving it time to air dry. About 15 minutes later it did seem a little bit better… but not much. So, I got a rag and tried to pat some of the moisture off which worked quite well.

I did my best blend it again and actually saw some blendable coverage taking place. It still had a heavy feel to it but it looked much nicer. It was one of those once you have a non-streaky look don’t dare touch it type things. (Because the second you touch it leaves an empty spot.) It looked nice and was definitely moisturizing. (A little too moisturizing!) When I finished the rest of my makeup and wore it for the rest of the day and it felt dryer as the day went on.

Heres a photo of me wearing it. Don’t mind the dramatic eye makeup I was trying out different looks from my April Glam Bag. Notice how oily-looking my foundation is though!

Am I The Only One?

I’m a mom so I’m always busy. I don’t usually take the extra time to wash off my makeup at night. Bad girl, I know… But this wound up being one of those nights and I paid the price.

The next morning my face was broke out all over. The bottom line for me is I don’t like this foundation. Not one bit. I’m completely disappointed that I have to give a bad review and that I was so excited for this and now can’t use it. I don’t want to seem ungrateful I do appreciate the free products and what they are trying to create for us with drier skin. They have plenty of great products but this just isn’t one of them.

Have a nice day ladies. Don’t forget to share this with the great women in your life!

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10 Comments on Almay Best Blend Foundation Review

  1. I have this same issue with every foundation I try! I’m convinced that I’m not meant to wear any.

    • Oh no! Well, if you can pull it off then more power to you. 😉 Foundation is a must for me but I am a little picky.

  2. I really appreciate the honest review. It might work for some – just not for you. I’m already oily, so it won’t be added to my list.

    • Yep. I think it may be because of the high SPF. It has SPF 40 which is nice. I really wish it would have worked out better.

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