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This post is packed full of self care tips, self care ideas, ways to be happy, ways to fight anxiety and depression. #selfcare #selfcarematters #momselfcare #fightdepression #fightanxiety #behappy

I’ve put together a list of 25 ways to begin living a happier life, in the hopes of helping you achieve the life you could be living. A happy life.


Unfortunately, it seems as if it’s becoming more and more common. Depression, anxiety, losing your sense of purpose. It’s so easy to get down and out about your life and so hard to get back on track. Where do you start? How could you possibly feel better when you’re feeling so lost?

I’m here to tell you that you can bounce back and feel better, no matter how far down you’ve fallen. Get back up. Be strong. Especially if you’re a mommy, you have little ones that love and need you.


Take the Initiative

 The first and most important thing you can do is take the initiative to make the change. Put your heart into it and quit focusing on the bad. Now is the time to look forward and no one but you, can do it for you. You have and deserve every reason to be happy. [clickToTweet tweet=”You’re a diamond that just needs a little polishing. You are precious, strong, beautiful and treasured. ~MissJess” quote=”You’re a diamond that just needs a little polishing. You are precious, strong, beautiful and treasured.”]


Go to Bed Early

Not too early, (unless you want too!) but make sure you’re getting your eight hours of sleep. It is so important for living a happy, healthy life.

It’s well known that lack of sleep can affect your entire day. It can make you sluggish, mess with your brain functionality and mood, affect your health and eventually become dangerous. I recently had read (I wish I remember article link to share with you.) an article about how a lack of sleep instantly makes you appear less attractive and less approachable. Hence the saying, “Beauty rest”.

So I know it can be hard but make sure you’re catching those Z’s.

Wake Up Early

This one is difficult for many people, but it’s just as important as going to bed early. It may not be easy but just do it. Get your butt out of those comfy sheets and get started with your day!

You are most likely going to accomplish more in your day. Which in turn makes you feel better, and more in control. Besides that, you’ll sleep better at night knowing you did what you needed to do and you burned up your energy.

If that’s not reason enough, what about those beautiful sunrises you’re missing out on? Or the crisp morning air? When was the last time you took a moment to soak up the free things in life?

25 ways to be happy sunrise

Drink Coffee or Tea

It’s not a must but it can give you a little boost both from the caffeine and from giving yourself a treat first thing in the morning.

Indulge a little, get that yummy coffee creamer! Or the amazing miracle of chai tea. (My mouth waters just thinking about it.) You work hard and you betcha! You deserve it.

Enjoy the awakening of your senses from the heat,(touch) taste and aroma. Get a cute coffee mug, and there’s the sight too. That’s 4 out of 5 senses being appealed to first thing in the morning!

♥ You can click on the photos if you want these super cute cups from Amazon! ♥

Eat Breakfast

You’re going to need energy if you’re going kick today’s butt!… Start your day taking care of your needs. Grab some cereal or a delicious bagel. Or even more simple eat some fruit. (Throw it in a blender with yogurt ice and honey, a very special breakfast on the go.)

This is also a great way to awaken your senses. and help you maintain a healthy metabolism at the same time.

Create a Routine

Creating a routine such as wake up, make the bed, drink coffee, take a shower, eat breakfast, etc. sets you up for success. You can accomplish things more quickly and easily if you don’t have the procrastination time in between activities and it will leave open more free time to start that new hobby you always wanted to try.

Keep Your House Clean

A clean house is a clean mind. I know, it’s no fun and sounds easier than it really is. (Especially if you have toddlers) But if you make it a part of your routine and do it every day, it gets easier and easier over time. I promise.

I used to hate cleaning and would drag my feet the whole time but eventually, it wound up really helping me with my depression and anxiety. Now it doesn’t even take me very long because I got that stuff down! Getting everything done early in the day gives me extra time too. (Without being stressed about dishes hanging over my head..)

As a side note, it can also build your confidence by smelling nice and being visually appealing. Aside from that, you’ll have better health. I don’t know about you but I hate being sick. Your house can set a sort of foundation for your life.

Turn the Tv Off. 

Okay, not forever or anything, but for most the day. I’m not impractical… However, people are not meant to spend their lives wasting away in front of a tv screen. Think about how much time in your life you’ve spent just sitting watching other people live or pretend to. And you end up thinking, awe… “I wish I looked super hot 24/7 and had a deluxe walk-in wardrobe and 3 perfectly chiseled romantic guys  to choose from.” And suddenly your life seems gray. Point being, It gives you false emotions. These are not the events of your own life making you feel this way. It’s fake happiness fake sadness and fake ideals of what life is like.

Do yourself a favor, turn the tv off. Trust your own mind to come up with creative things to do. Go out and live your life, you know you have this one to live, don’t let it pass you by. Every minute counts! Watch tv on special occasions to give yourself a break but don’t live for it. Live for the super awesome stuff you can do now that you’re not watching 10 hrs of Netflix.

Add Exercise to Your Routine

Exercise. It’s a given, we all know about the benefits but few of us actually want to do it. I’m so guilty of this! So I found the sorta easy way to do the deed. Turns out Youtube is an amazing resource for workout videos. (Who knew right?)(It’s free too and we all love free.) So I found these videos that are like 10-minute workouts and they kick your butt, but they work!

You get endorphins, you look sexier, you feel healthier, you just all around start to feel better! And just from 10 minutes a day, who can’t spare that?  Supposedly it improves your sex life too. 😉 (Which is also a great mood booster and possible workout.)

Here’s the link for the belly buster workout I use. You can find the rest from there or follow my saved Watchlist. It’s up to you.

Socialize With Friends

When you’re depressed sometimes you’d rather just be alone. You may feel you don’t need anyone or that you like being alone, which may be true but not all the time! It’s healthy to have someone to talk too. Humans are social creatures and it’s so stimulating to socialize even if for only an hour once a week!

Go out for lunch or a walk with a friend. “But I don’t have any friends…” Well, what do you like doing? Take up a sewing class, exercise class, cooking class… Or maybe volunteer at the school or local animal shelter. Join a book club at your local library. The possibilities are literally endless.You can find something you love and meet people who have similar interests.

Most activities are better when you have someone to share them with and there are millions of people on this planet. There is definitely someone out there you can share a part of your life with.

Take Up a New Hobby

There are so many amazing things people can do! How will you ever know if you have a secret talent if you don’t try some things? Just give anything and everything a shot, if you don’t like it that’s okay, move on to the next thing.

With the internet, there is now pretty much, unlimited resources to learn how to do practically anything. And better yet, many of those resources are totally free! Added bonus, you might just find a money making career that you actually like along the way…

Even if it doesn’t become a career you have something you can teach your kids, make side money, solve your boredom problem, and something you can add to your list of talents.

Pursue a Career, Not a Job

From my experience, most people settle for a job. They spend their lives unappreciated, unmotivated and never making it past the bare minimum of survival.

There is always an option! Dedicate yourself to finding something you love and are good at, something that comes naturally to you. Make money for you and not the guy above you. You are the only one stopping yourself. Don’t live like this. There are so many opportunities waiting just for you!

Remember your dreams when you were a kid? Beautiful dreams and aspirations, it’s not too late to chase your dreams. Maybe you can’t follow the exact dreams you had because you have a family now… but there are plenty of opportunities you can juggle with children. Maybe it’s a career that has something to do with children even.

Take Care of Yourself

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission upon any purchases made at no additional cost to you.

Be clean and healthy in every aspect of your life, you are the foundation for the life you live. Smell clean, look clean, and take the time to do things that make you feel better. Know that your thoughts and opinions do matter. Don’t let people shut you down, you can do anything if you really put your heart into it.

The funny thing is we all know this as children but somewhere along the way, we forget how special we are. That our voice matters and beauty is what’s in your heart. Follow your dreams. There’s talent inside you somewhere and purpose waiting to be discovered.

This just in: You’re alive! How amazing is that?! A million chances for everything to go wrong and somehow everything went right so that life is possible on an amazing, beautiful planet. To top that off you were made with everything you need to accomplish practically anything you can think of.

Get Involved in Your Community

Get involved in creating a better tomorrow, even if it’s only in the city you live in. Perhaps you could help make valuable decisions for the growth of your city through your local commerce. Get outside and clean up the trash on your street or maybe organize a group for street cleaning or recycling. One person can make an impact but many can make a change.

Here are some fun ideas for you and the kids this summer:

  • Put together an event for kids and collaborate with other parents, think along the lines of huge water balloon fight, creating a community garden or arts and crafts event. Schools aren’t the only ones who can create opportunities for kids.
  • Go to the library, it’s for adults too and there’s often have cool activities you can get engaged in. You can meet cool people (like famous authors and kung fu people lol random I know but seriously though) or you can learn something new. They have many opportunities that most people don’t know about, and usually at no cost to you!  Plus… you can bring your kids, there’s lots of fun stuff for them too. (Obvious, I know but it’s a good opportunity for them
  • Read the local papers, they often have cool opportunities in them as well. You could also put an ad in the paper for mommy/ kid play dates.

Keep a Journal

Keeping your day to day written down can have many benefits:

  • Writing down your emotions and feelings can act as a form of therapy, being able to release your pent-up thoughts and let them go.
  • Reviewing your words can help you figure out the sources of issues in your life.
  • Find the ability to sort through your thoughts if your brain feels like mush.
  • If you find your journal bland, do things to spice your life up a little.
  • Write fiction.
  • Write down things you don’t want to forget.
  • Write down your dreams when you wake up.

Whatever you choose to write, it can be very helpful to you in ways you may not understand at first. It also can be quite fun.

Erase Negativity From Your Life

Okay, so I think we’re all guilty of these ones but do you find yourself putting others or even yourself down? Maybe you’re hanging around people that always talk crap about other people? When you’ve had a long day at work and you come home and it’s,”Oh, my back hurts. I hate people! The house is a mess!! I just need some peace and quiet!!!” I totally know how these days go… the first person to move is going to wish they were dead.

Whether you end up yelling and screaming or not the best thing you can do is stop. Stop because you know you can’t take back the things you say or the guilt from losing your s***. Stop it all right now and work hard to not be the epitome of negativity or be around it. I know easier said then done right? It’s so easy to get caught up in but it really dampens the quality of your life and the life of those around you. If you think negative, speak negative, feel negative, then you’re living negatively and everyone suffers for it.

Try happy and nice. Changing your outlook is a big one for changing the type of life you live. If you start thinking happy thoughts you will be happier! Work on bringing people up and seeing the good in them and you will start to see the good in yourself. If you judge others you probably judge yourself. So make a solid effort to just quit. Eventually, it just goes away and your life will become so much less stressful and aside from that, it becomes easier to manage your anger. Working together with people and learning to let go makes everyone a little happier.

Get Involved in Petitions

There are many different websites online that do this and they really make a difference! You will notice things you voted for on the news or social-media and it feels good to know your voice really does count! You can make a difference. This is everyone’s world, so create a better future for us. Be proud of the planet we live on and our ability to change things. Change.org is a good place to start.

Decorate Your Surroundings to Suit You

Being surrounded by things you love or things that appeal to you can make a total difference in your mood. Be creative. You spend a lot of time at home, go ahead and let it reflect you.

Don’t have the money to invest right now? What do you have sitting around your house? There are many cool DIY projects you can do for little to no cost that can really revamp your place! Try searching on Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook for DIY projects.

Hint: Plastic bottles, paint, string, fabric…

Try Something Different

Break away from your everyday routine, accept an offer to go somewhere you usually wouldn’t. Eat something new. Listen to a different band. Wear a different style.

Change is good, especially if you’re unhappy. If you’re unhappy the current things in your life are causing this and you need to break the cycle and find something that does make you happy. You won’t find that by trying the same things.

Fun fact: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results= Insanity.  ∼Albert Einstein

Ok so that’s not his exact words but pretty close. I may be paraphrasing just a little.

Learn Something New

You are never too old to learn new things! Tell anyone who says different to shut their pie hole because there is always room for more knowledge. It can advance your career, put you on the path for a career, teach you hobbies or whatever. Really there’s pretty much, unlimited options. And regardless learning is good for you!  Nowadays there is a load of free classes online that teach you a wide variety of things.

Open2study.com is an awesome website to learn for free. Browse through their free courses until you stumble upon something that peaks your interest. Another great thing is some of them offer free certificates! You can’t use them as a college credit but they look great on a resume.

You can also find free courses on Pinterest. Some awesome people spend their time finding free courses and putting them together into list’s so you can easily access amazing resources without the hassle. Don’t you just love these guys? I know I sure do! I have a couple of free course boards you can follow too.

Get a Haircut

Who doesn’t like a new hair cut? You get pampered, look nice, and it adds a little boost to your confidence. 😉 Maybe it’ll give you that small push to make that change you’ve been beating around the bush about.

Can’t afford it? So nowadays you can fairly easily learn how to cut your own hair with tutorials on YouTube. The best part is that many professional hairdressers have jumped on the YouTube wagon, so you can learn how to give yourself a legit cut.

Here’s one link here for a way to get perfect bangs every time.

Enjoy Nature

We often forget that we are indeed animals, (unless we’re in the bedroom) and as such are a part of nature. It’s good for you to get back in touch with the real world outside your bubble. Get a change of scenery. Re-energize yourself and relax. Remember that there’s a big world out there full of life and for crying out loud, breath in that the fresh air. Dip your toes in some water!

Sing and Dance

Okay, we all know about this one…but seriously singing and dancing gives you endorphins and will make you feel better. How can you feel bad when your dancing like a fool and singing like you’re a celebrity? And I mean get really into it! Sing in the shower, on the way to work, while doing the dishes. Straight up pretend you’re famous. Grab a hairbrush microphone. Whatever floats your boat, just be happy!


Look at who you are. How do you feel about yourself? What you feel inside is often what you reflect on the outside. If you’re always putting yourself down, you’re making it easier for other people to do the same thing. If you like yourself other people often will like you too. But more than that, self-love is very important.

It’s up to you to be the person you want to be. Only you can get you there. Love yourself and be loved! There is no person more important than another person on this earth. We are all capable of great things. Honestly! You just have to take the initiative to find the better you.

Make a list of good things about yourself. Beautiful eyes? Hair? Legs? A good heart. A lovely singing voice. Make a list of say 10 things decorate it. Make it pretty. Put it on your wall next to your mirror or somewhere you will see it every day and be proud of it. Be proud to be you!

Drop Your Bad Habits

They hold you back from being the best you. You feel so much better when you have control of your own life. Don’t let material things run you!

It’s not easy, trust me I know. I used to be an extreme alcoholic, I never thought I could give it up but I did. I smoked for ten years too, never thought I could give that up either but I did! It was so hard, but I just did it. I didn’t want that life for myself or my daughter. So I told myself how strong I had to be and I was. It has completely changed my life! I was always depressed and thought, “I need my alcohol and cigarettes” but the truth couldn’t have been further off, they were making my situation sooo much worse.

It never will be easy, but you will feel so much better once you conquer bad habits. It feels good to know you’re strong and in charge of your own body. Rise up to the challenge and defeat your demons. Have more money, better health, a clearer mind, and be in control! I believe in you!

Life is a beautiful gift, never take it for granted. Be wild and crazy, travel the world. Taste new things. Be different. Be happy. Be you! You are beautiful. Live this life you were given and don’t let anything hold you back.



10 Comments on 25 Ways to Begin Living a Happier Life

  1. These are all really great tips. I’ve only recently (like in the last 12 months) come to realise the importance of self care! Better late than never! Most of these tips are on my self care regime!

    • Thank you, Jenni! That is so good to hear. I’m from the same kind of situation. About a year and a half ago I had severe depression, and I mean really severe, my life is the total opposite now. I couldn’t be happier. I take care of myself and live by all of these tips. I hope you get better at taking care of yourself, you really don’t realize how important it is until you do it.

  2. 25 tips is more then enough for you to find something that works for you. My house is a little neglected but I have the workout part down pat. I do get up early but I don’t go to bed early because I get more me time on that end too. As I have gotten older I do reach out to my friends more. Thank you for encouraging people to find what makes them happy.

    • Haha. Yeah, its a lot but it’s all the things I have integrated into my own life to become a happier person. Each small thing adds up to so much more. Everyone deserves to be happy and I truly hope every person can find it within themselves. Glad to hear working out and friendship is doing well for you Rose. E> About your house, haha, it happens girl. No worries. 😉

  3. Great tips! It’s hard to go to bed early when that’s literally your only alone time/time to get things done without your crazy toddler, though… but I’m working on it 🙂 And I couldn’t survive without coffee anyway!!

    • Thank you! Haha yeah, I’m sailing on the same boat I stay up late blogging and wake up early blogging while my daughter is sleeping. That’s okay though, the whole objective is to be happy and I am a very happy woman. Whatever works best as long as you’re happy it doesn’t matter 🙂

  4. So much great inspiration in this post! I need to do more of a lot of those things although I already drink lots of coffee. I like the idea of getting involved in the community too. ❤️

    • Thank you so much, Jamie! Yes, getting involved in the community is a great way to feel better. Plus it’s just a really great thing to do. Oh, how I miss coffee… I’m stuck with non-caffeinated soda or tea now. Heart palpations. They go insane when I drink coffee so
      I had to quit drinking it a while back, but I can still dream about its delish warm amazingness.

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