Use 10 Remedies To Ease Your Babies Colic So You Can Both Sleep. #BabyColic #ColicRemedies

 The struggle starts

There was a lot of trial and error, but I tried these 10 remedies to ease baby colic. And we finally got some sleep at night.

 Colic usually starts a few weeks after birth. My daughter became colicky when she was only 2 weeks old. And let me tell you, all the reading in the world can’t prepare you for the emotions and fatigue you will face.

It’s hard to watch your brand new little angel hurting. And it’s hard losing sleep when you’re probably not sleeping well already. This is all a very normal, natural process though. Your baby’s body is adjusting to all its new hormones and functions. It’s not easy being a newborn, or a parent, but hopefully, these tips help you both get some peace and rest.

When you identify colic is the problem, you’ll notice that their tummy hurts. They might have trouble eating and will come off the nipple (bottle or breast) crying hysterically. (They will be literally freaking out!) No matter what you do they will keep crying. Even with these 10 remedies to ease baby colic, they help enough to get you and baby to sleep, and to help your baby feel a little better but if your baby is like mine still expect to be up pretty late every night.

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  • Keep calm

Your baby solely relies on you, and your calm and confidence will help keep them calm. They tend to cringe up because of the pain and confusion you need to try to get them to relax their body a little. Parents and babies have an amazing bond, and their heart rate will match yours. If you’re worked up they will get more worked up and the two of you will continue to feed off each other.

  • Infant Mylicon gas relief

I wasn’t keen on giving my new baby anything other than mother’s milk, but her pain was so strong I caved in and gave her this. I wish I had done it sooner… it really helped her. It was hard to tell if it was helping at first, but in her later weeks of colic, the difference was very noticeable. (And she liked the flavor which helped too.) I’d start her off with a little less than the recommended dosage every night just before her colic would start and continue to do so about every 3 hours if needed.

  • A binky

This one is totally up to you to follow or not. Pediatricians recommend waiting until they are a month old for a binky because it can confuse them if they’re breastfeeding. My daughter had no problem latching on after birth, and always seemed to know the difference between breast and binky, but this is just my case.

I used it because when their tummy hurts they confuse that feeling for hunger, and she would try to overstuff herself to ease the pain, which made things much worse. There can be a downside to this though because they can suck in and swallow air. I’d burp her often.

The crazy thing about all this is, she won’t even use a binky now, so I don’t have to wean her off one.

  • A rocking chair

My mom picked mine up for cheap at a St. Vincent store, and it was a life saver. (I still use it to this day and sometimes all it takes is 5 minutes and she’s out!) Maybe use a back and butt pillow for comfort if you need it, sit in a barely lit room with a blanket and do slow, full rocks back and forth. My baby reacted well to the fully extended rocks. (Be careful, Do not fall backward when you do this, or rock yourself to sleep while holding your baby.)

These full rocks not only calm your baby and lull them to sleep, but it also can ease the pain on their tummy by relieving weight and pressure.

(I wish I had one like this! Mine’s not nearly as comfortable looking, doesn’t have an ottoman either.)

  • White noise

No… not the horror movie. We’re trying to get better sleep, not worse. It’s a steady sound, and it’s similar to what it sounded like on the inside of your womb. This sound comforts your baby a great deal. You should experiment with playing it quiet or loud as to what your baby prefers. A lot of babies like it loud in their ear crazy as it sounds. Not so loud that you’ll blow their eardrums or anything though. (You can find 10-12 hr long recordings of white noise on Youtube.Or in this link 🙂 ) If that’s not an option try,”shhh shh shh.” or a steady long,”Shhhhhh…” yourself, they usually respond to that well too.

When my baby had colic I kept white noise on my phone with us throughout her entire fit.I’d bring it with us to the floor, the rocking chair and to bed. I’d leave it on for her the whole night and it was the only thing that would keep her asleep.

  • Tummy time

I’m not sure how much this one actually helps resolve the problem, but it would distract her from the pain for 5-10 minutes so I could get myself together in a little peace and quiet. Like I said before its important to stay calm, colic is overwhelming. Taking that 5 minutes can help you get back to a good state of mind when you’re feeling like you can’t take it anymore.

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I know you’re brutally exhausted but Do Not Fall Asleep while your baby is on their tummy, and don’t leave them alone. Just a couple more weeks momma.

(I have this same one except I have the boy version I guess. Haha I didn’t realize until now. Her daddy got it for her… It works great though.)

  • Put your right palm on baby’s chest with your fingers under their chin to support babies head. Have your left hand between babies legs and over their diaper (you can grab around one of their legs for security) Baby will be facing down and you swing them gently, back and forth.

Even to this day when my baby won’t calm down, I do this. She loves it! It relieves pressure off her tummy and almost puts her in a trance. She’ll stay completely quiet and look around. The problem is it only lasts as long as your arms can support it. I’ve done it so much now I’m going to look like Hercules here soon! Haha just kidding but I can last a pretty long time now.

Sometimes it’s not quite enough so I get into a jig of sorts pacing back and forth in a dim room with a rhythmic bounce to my steps like while swinging step forward to the left bounce, bounce step forward and swing to the right bounce, bounce forward left bounce, bounce etc… If that makes any sense. I think it kind of resembles the bouncing of riding in a car seat during a drive. (Keep in mind all of this is gentle, no shaking baby.) You can do this with baby on their back or belly.

  • Baby swing

During a colic fit this usually only helped for about half an hour but when your arms are exhausted, and you’re exhausted it helps a lot. Sometimes it will lull them to sleep but I don’t recommend letting them sleep too long in there, I read somewhere it can be a suffocation hazard and I believe it with the way their head scrunches over their neck.

However, baby swings are really a lifesaver period. There will always be times when you need your hands-free, and this may be the only thing that they don’t scream their little heads off when you set them down. (I have this same one but a different theme, she’s in it napping as we speak(under a close eye))

  • Change their diaper and make sure it’s comfy or let them be naked

I can’t really explain it but this helped sometimes. I figure it’s because their diapers can be uncomfortable on that fresh skin, and being uncomfortable plus painful tummy double sucks. Also if they have a diaper rash make sure it’s clean and covered with butt cream.

When she was naked (on a puppy wee pad for easy cleanup) I’d turn her on her side, to ease weight, and gently rub her tummy in a clockwise circle on her tummy. It’d only help a little but it got her to sleep one night when she was screaming horrendously.

Also having them on their back and gently wiggling their legs in circle motion (don’t force them if they won’t budge) helped ease it a little. It relaxes their tummy muscles and the leg wiggle thing can help them release gas or poop. Likewise, setting them up straight and letting them suck on your finger while you rub their pallet can help them poop too.

  • A warm bath

I recommend this one more when they are about 5 weeks or older. They can’t regulate their own temperature very well when they’re young and can get too hot or too cold easily. I follow the tip to dip your elbow in the water and if you can’t feel it or it’s barely warm it’s good.

The bath is a miracle though, listening to the water pour relaxes them. The warm water soothes their muscles and eases their tight tummy, and relaxes them to the point that after they are dried and dressed they might go to sleep, and stay asleep for the night.

Be careful, don’t ever leave your baby unattended in the bath. (I take a shower first then get in the tub with her with only 2-3 inches of water and with a wet washcloth to cover her.But it is tricky getting in and out of the tub and they’re super slick!) Don’t let water in their ears, hold their head up well. (If they breathe in water and seem fine there’s secondary drowning and you might not be in the clear.) Only bathe them for maybe 10 minutes, if they’re turning red at all they’re getting hot. If they cry in the tub they might be hot or cold. Judge for yourself what feels right. If you bathe them every day they can get sick, or break out in a rash if you use soap. (I only use soap once every 2-3 days until they are at least 3 months old. Supposedly, they actually don’t really need it when they are so young.)

  • When it gets towards the ending time of the fit, feed them

This may be kind of a given, but all our colicky nights ended with me feeding her and her falling asleep with white noise playing. The warm milk and sensation of needs being fulfilled help them fall asleep and stay that way for the night.

Never fall asleep

I know I said it a few times but don’t fall asleep ever unless your baby is in a safe place with safe clothing/blankets. I know it’s hard, I’ve been falling asleep sitting straight up. If it’s too bad, ask for help. Most people really don’t mind and are excited for a chance to care for babies. It’s always better safe than sorry. It doesn’t make you a bad mom to ask for help, babies are hard. And you are going to have so many more nights and times to care for them.

The exhaustion you go through is insane, you will get used to it, but it can be extremely dangerous at first. Try to always take naps when your baby does. It makes a big difference. Also, know that this is only a temporary thing, it may feel like forever when you’re going through it but it does end, usually when baby is 2-3 months old. And remember that you’re miserable but your baby is the one feeling the pain. I know it can be very frustrating, but never take your anger out on your baby and never shake your baby. You can’t take that moment back.

Good luck You can do this. Be strong. There is nothing that has ever been more worth suffering for. I hope these tips help you, and you get the rest you deserve. I tried absolutely everything in the book and these 10 remedies to ease baby colic is what helped me out the most. Although, all babies are different. I wish you rest and sweet dreams. May you both be safe and well.


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