How to save time by showering with your baby

Sick of Being dirty

Let’s be honest, when you’re a new mom there just isn’t enough time in the day to get simple stuff done anymore am I right? Bathing the baby or yourself tends to get thrown on the backburner a bit. ) And that’s okay… sometimes, but surely you gotta get this stuff down at some point. I had a hard time with it at first too but after a while, I was sick of feeling like a cavewoman. (FYI If you didn’t have this problem, it’s possible you’re a super-advanced species of mankind and you need to teach us your ways!)

For the first couple weeks when my man got home from work it was “Here, your turn!” and I would secretly whisper “sucker” as I walked away. I’d totally milk it too and take like a  20-minute shower, shaving my legs, standing in the hot stream and enjoying the only moment of peace I could get in the day. (It’s not cruel. I just gave birth and had sore nipples. I needed it.) Unfortunately, though, this wasn’t always an option. So obviously I was going to have to find a new solution.

Bye-Bye sink cleaning!

Of course using the sink or the bath is an obvious solution, but if you have OCD like me these usually just aren’t clean enough unless I wash them out well first, which can be very time-consuming! I’m still practical though and sometimes I don’t mind doing the extra work so that baby can have a fun little treat.  However, just for getting her cleaned up on a daily or every other day basis it can be just taxing. I already have enough chores on my list… thank you very much!

I’m still practical though and sometimes I don’t mind doing the extra work so that baby can have a fun little treat.  However, just for getting her cleaned up on a daily or every other day basis it can be just taxing. I already have enough chores on my list… thank you very much!

So we skip a few steps and wash up together in the shower. No tub scrubbing, no emptying a sink and baby is not the only one getting cleaned up. Sounds good huh? But when you’re first starting out I know all too well how scary it can be. Babies are so slick and what about water in their face or ears? Well, as it turns out babies are a little bit more hardy than we may think at first and if you take the proper precautions these things can be easily avoided. (Do avoid water in their ears and face the best you can though.)

P.S. If you’ve always been known for your butterfingers, you might just stick with baths…It always is better safe rather than sorry.

I use a shower-bath which is helpful for putting your foot up as extra baby stability. It is also not recommended to give your baby a shower until they are at least 3+ months old.

Click on the pics to go directly to these products on Amazon. 😉 I got you, girl!

Things you may need:

      • A non-slip, anti-bacterial bathmat

      • A bouncy seat

      • Baby towel (not exactly necessary but it’s what we use, plus it’s so stinking cute!)

      • Baby wash (A no-brainer but make sure you have it in the shower)
      • A multiple functioned shower head (If your water is to pressurized it can hurt baby’s sensitive skin)

      • A bathroom heater. No chilly babies on my watch!

    Before you actually get into the shower

    First of all, bring your baby into the bathroom and strap them into their bouncy chair, place them next to the tub. Keep your baby in front of the shower so you can peek at them and make sure they’re doing okay every once in awhile if you’d like, and so you can easily grab them when the time comes.

        • You may want to give your baby a toy to keep them occupied.
        • Keep the heater running if needed so baby won’t get cold.
        • Have them already stripped down to nothing but their diaper. (Make sure it’s not poopy.)
        • Bring a towel for baby, a towel for you and a towel for the floor because it will get wet and you don’t want to slip or make a mess. (I keep her towel and mine close at hand for exiting the shower).
        • Make sure you have babies body wash and that the lid is open for easy access.
        • If you have a slick bottomed shower get a non-slip mat. Actually, have it in the shower before you start.
        • Have your multi-functioned shower-head applied before you start if you need one.

Double check you have everything else you need before you get in the shower. It’s a lot harder to manage once you have a slippery wet baby in your arms.

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  • Wash yourself first

    We know that we can’t really wash up together with our baby, our soap is too strong for their sensitive skin, and it’s just not all that possible to wash ourselves with one hand. I mean it is possible, but it will take far too long and is unnecessarily dangerous. So skip out on all that and just take care of yourself first. I tend to take a fast shower, I don’t want to leave her sitting there naked for too long! (So it may not be the best option if you’re intending on shaving your legs.)

    Now you’re all nice and clean and well rinsed off. (No lingering shampoo or body wash.) Time to get baby!

    Bringing baby into the mix


Usually, my daughter is waiting oh so patiently. She likes listening to the sound of the water running. She’s my well-behaved girl, especially when it comes to getting clean time. I’m a lucky mom. ♥

With me, all finished up and her right next to the tub, I tilt the shower head away from the shower opening and dry my hands and arms for a better grip. I unhook her from her bouncy, unstrap the sides of her diaper, and lift her up with both hands. I then, wrap my arm securely around her and I hold her in place with my hand holding onto her arm and grab and pull the diaper off with my other hand trying to wipe any poo that might be on her into the diaper. I just set the diaper off to the side, I’ll get to it when we’re done.

Now I just bring her into the shower. If she has poop on her: before she gets all wet and slick, I’ll hold her under each arm (very securely though) and put her genital/butt area into the water stream (avoiding getting her face wet) to get most of it off.

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Once I’m content that there are no poopy chunks, I turn my back to the stream (btw when you have your baby securely you can fix your stream at any time you feel it’s safe) with her back to my belly, one arm securely around her and holding her arm. My other hand is offering any support or safety that she may need. I keep one foot on the side of the tub so that she can sit on my leg with one of her legs resting on each side. This position offers her a lot of security. (I have really good balance though, so for me, this is no problem.)

She’s pulled tight to my belly with my arm around her under each of her arms and holding onto her like I said and she’s not going anywhere. This also is where the non-slip mat comes in handy.

Keeping her face and ears out of direct the stream (it mostly just gets on her legs) We sit just outside the stream and barely let it fall on us, enough to keep us warm but not enough to overwhelm her or splash her face and ears.

Okay, now that free hand of mine is used to grab the top of her already opened body wash bottle and tip it upside down allowing a small amount into my hand, and then I masterfully set it back down with no problem.

Starting with her back and belly, I then move down to her butt, nanny and the crevices between her legs and belly, and work my way down each leg to her toes. This really only takes a minute and this is when you have to be most careful because they can be so stinking slick! Keeping her on my leg and held tight to my body the whole time, I only barely lift her to wash her bum and then keep her under the stream as much as I said before to rinse off the soap as it goes on to avoid too much slickness.

I Splash water onto her tummy area with my hand until she’s done being washed down to her toes.

After that, I use just a tiny bit more soap and wash one arm, armpit, and fingers and immediately rinse it off well without getting her ear too wet or face. (You can hold them up in the stream better, just be sure you have a secure grip.) And then a little more soap and I get the next arm just the same. I do these one at a time and immediately rinse them off because she tries to eat the soap. Silly baby!

Next I get under her neck with soap, this area tends to get stinky and gross from all the puking and milk and all that nasty so I make sure it’s washed well, and just rinse it off by getting my hand wet and using my hand as a washcloth of sorts to repeatedly rinse this area.  It sounds like a lot, but really just takes seconds to do.

Now for the tricky part, head and face.  I Get a little soap covering her head then I put a tiny bit on each cheek. I splash just enough water onto the baby so that it flows over the back of her head and not onto her face. Meanwhile being careful to avoid getting water in her ears also.

For her face, I just get water on my hand, not a pool of water or anything, (You just want your hand to be wet) and quickly run it over her face in a downward motion. You do this a couple times their face gets nice and clean with no water in their nose/mouth or eyes. Yay!


Time to dry

I Hold my daughter securely with an arm around her, (Holding her arm like before.) grab her baby towel and wrap her up. (Maybe dry off her head a little bit) I then set her back into her bouncy.

Now you can quickly dry yourself off and get dressed. The end!

Assuming you are soon to achieve this I want to say, Congratulations! You have now taken a shower with your baby are both now clean and it really didn’t take very long either! Doesn’t it feel amazing? The more you do it the better and quicker you will get and in the end, it becomes so easy. I understand the first couple times can be scary because babies are so slick! If you really don’t feel comfortable with it try a bath instead. The most important thing is your baby’s safety, no water in the lungs, and no falling. I hope this helped ladies.

Feel free to ask any questions, or leave your own tips in the comment section below. Thank you and Happy parenting!



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    1. Lol, thank you, Tiara. When I was pregnant/fresh to being a mommy I would look up absolutely everything and double check just to be sure I was doing it right. I hope to offer the same stability other women gave me when I needed it. 🙂

    1. Great Ellen, I’m so glad I could help! I know what you mean completely. It is so much easier and more relaxing knowing baby is right there with you.

    1. Thank you. 🙂 I was very nervous about giving her a shower when I first tried it, but now I’m pro status. So I wanted to help out any moms that may be having rattled nerves as well. I hope this article helps all those in need.

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